Seven Simple steps of Self Enrichment at WORK and LIFE

1. Meticulousness about the many small things that go into making our vision and goals. A Brick by Brick approach.

 2. Prioritizing Work till Completion Tasks through efficient effective time space, schedule management. On time and in Budget completion

 3. Ensuring Quality of work through compliance matrices of work/technology/process standards alongside Commitment to Quality.

 4. Growing our own knowledge tree and maximizing our experiential knowledge with the currency of updates. Staying Abreast and Ahead of our Capability Curve

 5. Leading the team by being part of it through sound, ethical inter-personal relationships. Making people “want to work with me” approach.

 6. Planning, Participating, Persevering and Performing

As Leader and Manager. Keeping our LAMP (leadership-Managerial Practice, aglow always.

 7. ENERGY of “OUR: Spirit, Mind, Body is the Landing of these steps. Nurturing and nourishing our SELF is the Key to the Locks of our personal, domestic, and career aspects in our LIFE.


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