Human beings are special to be born human. Being Healthy, with normal faculties, belonging in a decent, loving caring family is Grace of Divinity.  Gifted with good IQ, balanced with EQ, and matured in SQ is Providential

⭐Divinity of Humanness⭐

This behooves each of ‘US’ to become Consciously aware of our extraordinariness of our birth: Sense and feel what we need to do to make a difference to Ourselves, Our family, Our place of work, society and Our country.

This is Living in Fitness Equity- LIFE.

(Equity is the quality of being fair, with pride of ownership alongside onus)

 Our “HOLY COW” manifests, Hope, Organization, Leveraging Yields for ‘Creation of Wealth’

The quality of our hope, the way we organize and manage our self, our mindfulness in leveraging our talent into yields  for Creation of Wealth for our Self, Family, and for our company, enables, empowers, our Living in Fitness of Equity

Creation of Wealth is not at all “monies’ in the first place. It is always about our personal, professional growth as a gifted, extra-ordinary human being.

Our “Thoughts, Feeling, Behaviour, Attitude” must be consciously focused on the constant and continuous question of whether they will help or hinder Creation of Wealth for our personal, professional growth.


“Beliefs become our thoughts,

Thoughts become our words,

Words become our actions,

Actions become our habits,

Habits become our values,

Values become our destiny”

By Mahatma Gandhi



Life is Finite- Living in Fitness is converting all challenges to opportunities- Conscious Awareness that:

“Fulfillment is inclusive of Success” and never the other way around.

Aspiration embraces Ambition in a reasoned manner.

Working towards progress and growth is preferable to be chasing them.

Time is our treasure to be cherished.

Health is our Primary Wealth ever and always till our last breath.

Balancing our Spiritual, Emotional Quotient is the Catalyst for our IQ

That each of the above is the differential in LIFE.

HOLY COW is ours to nurture and nourish in Gratitude and Grit.

Our Holy Cow is ours to venerate and treasure in Spirit- Mind Thought

2 thoughts on “OUR HOLY COW

  1. Sir, brilliant article. Upbringing, Sanskara, the circle of people we interact with and if we did good to another human like the Holy Cow which only gives!
    The mantra is to mentor people around you to be better than your own self such that the Shishya becomes greater than the Guru but remains Human!


  2. An extremely profound summation of values through the ‘Holy Cow’. I am yet to see such a beautiful consolidation of ‘Whole & Consummate Life Teaching’ in such a concise expression!


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