No More An Empty Bed

No more “The Empty Bed”
She is Gone, I lie down in the space she slept.
The ceiling counts my restless toss and turn.
Togetherness times, cherishingly kept.
Book of Memory- Her fragrant fern
In the centre between ‘Her and Me’, I rest.
In  peaceful gaze of the stars above.
Prayer and faith always on test.
Blessed our bond being “Love”
Restful now in Resonance of Rhythm and Rhyme.
The Great Bear bids me to wait my time.
 Awakening Awareness
Memories is all We can keep.
Times Spent, in togetherness deep.
Above and Beyond ordinary reach.
Prayer in Wisdom Ourselves to teach.

The Human in each- to know to be Alone.
Never Lonely in the inside, the inner  light  Shone.
Thathasthu – So be Itbarry

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