The Human Being

Field of Feelings, rows of Thoughts, the Harvest of Sentences,

Philosopher amused , the plethora of Pretenses.

The Gift of Being Human wrapped in a Gordian knot,

Peoples pursue to be, what they are not!​​

Oasis of Promise, Mirages shimmer and sway,

The Allure of Power, the lust of wealth, even for a day.

Steeple chase over the hurdles of stealth,

Wanton wastage of the treasure of Health.

Benumbed minds, pumped up hearts, gasping for breath.

Mortician Make over to look Alive even in death.

Is clinging to Mortality, the essence of living?

Greater perhaps, the Life of being and joy of giving!

In finite time, infinite chances to be who we are!

The book of life reads immortality within, never far.

The Philosopher smiles, shredding our pretenses.

Fields of Feelings, rows of thoughts, harvest of sentences.
Knows not what he seeks 

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