Bald Eagle on the Totem Pole

Bald Eagle on the Totem Pole

Bald eagle on the Totem Pole symbolizes Uncle Sam searching for his lost Soul

“Bald Eagle Perched on the Totem Pole.
Eyeing the Search for Uncle Sam’s Lost Soul.
Whites and Blacks, in a War Dance, Browns ,Yellows Injuns in traumatic trance.
Toting guns, phallic symbols of macho stance.
Broken ones, stand in defiant glance.
Oath of Hippocrates sworn on Insurance, askance!
Medicare and Wellness to bits Torn
Rich America feeling so Forlorn
Costs of falling ill and Old age a curse.
Paranoid to even call for the nurse.
Viruses insidious, the unknowing of the Knowing,
The river of death, its levees overflowing,
The Game of the Blame, in Hogwash
Colorless the breath of people, Lament in tears Awash.
Who shall the people look up to.
At the Drop of a Hat, each the other to sue!
Angst of America in cacophony of chaotic hue,
The  land of plenty a picture of macabre view.
Humanness bartered like a piece of Bread.
Culture, Tolerance, Dignity savagely shred.
Spawn and spread of the hatred to dread.
Same the color of the Blood being bled.
Bald Eagle perched on the Totem Pole,

Is Uncle Sam huddled in the hidden Hole.

A sense of Shame. Scared and so Afraid.
Calling out a Spade, just a Spade.
Desolate the Land of the free, Home of the Brave.

Hardened Hearts in Frozen Minds hasten to the Grave.

Empty Churches, Parish in stunned disbelief

Gods and Angels now on welfare relief.
Military veteran, misfits mostly nowhere to Go.
Wars they once for fought a forgotten show.

Bald Eagle perched on the Totem Pole

Awakening of Uncle Sam’s Soul.
This Land of Plenty to Ponder and Pause,

Purpose  and Order of the Greater Cause.
America re learn to reach and touch the Sky of Hope

You know well to wipe away your sighs, not to mope.
Gather your folks to be up on their feet
Unity of Spirits and Minds to their Anthems beat.
Soon to  nurture Uncle Sam’s Generous Soul.
The Bald Eagle flying off from the Totem Pole”.



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