Joy of Being Human.

Any Where- Everywhere

The Joy of Being in many ways is our JOB of living in Wellness, alongside Prayer, Hope and Courage “Any Where & Every Where”.

Eckhart Tolle’s treatise on the subject is relevant in the context of its Philosophy in a Higher consciousness.

This Indian Navy Veteran Interprets Joy of Being in the pragmatic perspective of SELF RESPECT and GRATITUDE.

Self- Respect and Gratitude have a constant & lasting impact on our Mind, Thoughts, Feelings, Behavior, Actions Approach. It defines who we are! Our Persona, Attitude, and hence its impact.

Joy of Being is not Utopian but absorbed in our learning to be realistic about Managing Our Self to be prepared to face the Ups and Downs of life through:




Do I ever want to?

Be Unhappy


Fall Sick

Feel Miserable

Connected Questions FLOW of our TAP – “Thinking and Performing.”

How are we doing in “Thinking and Performing” in Things & Tasks we need to do?  OUR TAP

Why for, What for, Who for?

Do we require a formal Have/Need to Do List?

Human beings have a Gift of Choice.

They know what is “Right or Wrong” for themselves.

TIP APPROACH 7 Simple Steps

The Tip (Temparament in Place) Approach is constantly valid, relevant, and useful at Home, Work, Society:  

Temperament in Place  For :

Temper in Place

Thoughts in Place

Things in Place

Technology/ Techniques in Place

Team in Place

Togetherness in Performance.

The above is not towards perfection but practicing Joy of Being; Through streamlining our ways of living, working: To conserve energy, ease our tensions and seeking comfort in living smarter and better.    

Our Joy of Being in more ways than one is on What is Most Important in any order.

Breath – Health Fitness Energy

Self-Respect Self, Family, and l.



Hopefully, my interpretation of the above as acronyms are practical self- evident realities that can be followed to the best of human abilities.


Learning from each other. Laughing in Togetherness

Organizing our self to our Needs.

Valuing everything we do and each other.

Empathy with self and other.


Learning, Listening, Laughing, Leading

Understanding (Self, Others) Uniting, Utilizing, and ‘Being Useful’

Competence, Confidence, Creativeness Compassionate.

Knowledge, Keenness, Kinship, Kindness.

There are lessons we could learn from our own experience and balance our needs and wants.  

Herein comes in our Joy of being, anywhere and everywhere!

This only needs recognition of the STAR in us from the pictorial below.

There are six-way points in living as human beings.


IWEUS stands for Improving the ‘I’ to Welcome the ‘WE’ to Unite the ‘US’


 STAR in “US”:

Seeker – Awareness of my ‘Needs & Wants’.

Thinker- Conditioning our Mind in Thought Feelings, Behaviour & Actions! to prepare for what we seek!

Arranger – Aspiring to work on Attention to Intention Management to enable the above through our efforts.

Realist- To seek to understand what is in our Control and what is not.

The *STAR* in us can be bright even from a distance, if we grasp, absorb that:

Life is all about where we place our self.  This is the value of our choice.

If we fail to Plan, then we are Planning to Fail.

Making our everyday Manageable is the key to our Joy of Being, anywhere, everywhere!

There are infinite Opportunities even in our finite Life.  


Let today be well Kept!

Night be rested, Full Slept.

Make People want to Come, be & Work with me.

Teach me to listen, look when I See.

School me to Speak Sense, be silent when I need to be.

Others as Important as I am to Me.

Gratitude in Attitude in High & Low

Grace of Divinity, Guide to go with Life’s Flow.

Let today be well Kept!

Night be rested, Full Slept.


write to me at rinavenkat@gmail.com

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