The Rush

The Rush

Nary a Pause or Poise, ever on a Prance.
The Rush for Choice or even Chance. 

Everyone so busy, busting Time.
Treadle of Needs, out of Rhythm & Rhyme. 

Puppets on the String, dangling out of Tune.
Homo Sapiens ever on the trip to the Moon. 

“Willow of the wisp” or mirage of the mind!
Elusive Question, so undefined. 

Answers perhaps left to flow of Fate.
River of Destiny, a trickle, at times in ‘Spate’. 

To Own or Disown, both want and need.
What makes us, Manifest in Greed. 

Shrouds with pockets, Coffins with Cupboards, inlaid in Gold.
Search for the elixir to keep us far away from age Old!

In Wonder Wisdom waiting to Dawn?
Any moment, my Soul ready to Pawn. 

Illusions of Choices or Chances to take.
The Knowing or Unknowing, at Stake.  

The Gap between, the First and Last Breath.
if One knows the Date Time of Death. 

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3 thoughts on “The Rush

  1. And this rush becomes life and life becomes rust
    In this bargain, we lose who were and what we become.
    Man in quest for meaning searches the world without looking inwards,
    That leads him to a prison of self made worth.

    Sir, your poems invoke a sense , desire, a determination to look and live for real purpose of life.

    Beautiful poem sir.



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