The Mystery of the Universe


In Knowing and Unknowing, stillness of Silence,
God’s  absence of presence,  enigma in essence.

Elements of Earth, Ether, Wind, Water, Fire.
Humanness in senses, chords  of the Lyre.

Fragrance of Flowers, freshness of Rain showers,
The gaze of the Artiste for hours and hours.

The Song of the thrush; taming thoughts, on a Rush,
Warbles, Whistles, chirps & cheeps, as Natures Hush.

Echo Talking Mountains and Silent Vales,
Deserts and Oceans, Immeasurable Scales.

Jungles, Cities, Seas full of Love in Life.
Laws of Living, Joy and Strife, Music of Fife.

Holy Grail of Woman & Man, Grace of the Divine.
Creatures One and All, not yours or mine.

Infinity of immortal moments to cherish.
Shooting stars, the night sky to make a wish.

Creations of the Universe, spell bound to behold.
Chemistry of Mystery, Archean eon never to  unfold.

The Beauty of Sleep, Deja vu of Dreams.
Awaken to Harmony in  Rivers and Streams.

Every Breath, Living in Fullness  of our Time,
The Beat of the Heart in Rhythm and Rhyme.

In Knowing and Unknowing, stillness of Silence.
God’s  absence of presence,  enigma in essence


To find Time to be with Nature is Humanness too

Barry Bharathan: rinavenkat@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Enigma

  1. A beautiful acknowledgement of divinity and an powerful expression of gratitude!
    At once, both, a summary of wisdom and a teaching for those on the path to it!

    Happiness and peace, always.


  2. Mother Nature is full of life and divinity!

    Protecting Nature is the most devine way of offering prayers to the Mother Nature!

    Live & Let Live, preserving bio-diversity is the only way of to maintain the natural eco system.


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