“Virus Vanquished”

Virus Imagery

Virus Vanquished’
विष निर्जित (Sanskrit)

Hope of Human Spirits, the Eternal Call “Invictus”!
The rage of Fever, the wail of sorrow, scourge of the Virus

Helpless instances, Hopeful mindset the question mark.
The tune at the tunnel end, the song of the lark.

HomoSapien Fate, Peoples Faith, Choice or Chance.
The dirge of the grief, the sway of dervish dance.

The Wars we fight, Enemy within, unknown, unseen!
Battles over Spaces, Races. Earth in Danger of a “Has Been” !

Binaries of Living, Art & Science, enslaving human Race.
Buy now, pay later, Privacy freely mapped in Market Place.

Diseases of the Mind, God and Satan at Odds
Believers and non, the Battle for Souls or Bods

Test tube babies, 3 D printer body parts,
Buying online, Queuing theory in Online carts.

War of Wants over Needs, Way of our Deeds.
Machines on Minds, Nature Warns & Pleads.

Mankind on Moon, Machines on Mars, Robots Replace us !?
Genomes, and STEM cells, vaccines for the Virus.

This too shall pass, Crushing Covid, our Great Cause.
The Clarion call of the Creator, Ponder in Pause.

Over Eons, Angels and God’s ordain as thus,
Hope of Human Spirits, the Eternal Call “Invictus”!


Photos, from the google web: shown below, are illustrative examples in imagery of scrawl above.

Conquest of Pandemic – Mexico 5 Centuries Ago.
Human Produced Debris in Orbit- Where will this Take Homo Sapiens?
Pollution of Oceans by Mankind
Healing of Nature & Environment also goes on.
Human Resilience too
Genius of the Human we count on.
Sane Advice

rinavenkat@gmail.com and barrytones.wordpress.com

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