“Obituarial Aspirations”

Beauty of Creation

“Obituarial Aspirations”

Soul &  Spirit bidding farewell in Smile.
Released in Repose, Body in State, Family, Friends, sorrowful awhile!

Living  Fully Lived between First and Last Breath.
Alone in Arrival and Departure Never Lonely  but in Death.

Mourning a memory,  Togetherness of time Spent.
Them days that often  came and soon went.

Inevitable our March towards end of Mortal time.
Learning to move on, Living in  Humanness Sublime.

Attachment in Detachment, Acceptance of time to go.
In Rhythm and Rhyme, Mortals  in Fleeting flow.

Memories in the Vault of the Mind and Heart
The few who know and sense your played part

At Home At work, Understanding in Place
Wisdom in Awareness, Life isn’t a Race.

Human imperfect, yet striven to subliminal best.
More Forgiven, less forgotten. The Grace of Divinity Test

Celebrations. Pilgrimage, to a Place unknown.
Immortality; Hope, a Promise to be Shown.

Released in Repose, Body in State, Family friends, sorrowful awhile.
Soul & Spirit bidding farewell in Smile.             

Soul Above & Beyond


10 May 2021

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