Within Grief

Grief is the Proof of Love

Within Grief

Anguish of agony, Sorrows of Grief.

Distress in many forms. Pain has no brief.

Passing of a Child, Widowed Spouse. Fragments of Fear.
Grasping of the Self. Gathering everything Dear.

Mind in numbness, disbelief in shock.
Heartbeats of Time, still on the Clock.

Weeping’s, wailing moments, Tears Cried.
Strength within, Inner Spirits never dried.

Grieving, Memory of loss, precious in remembrance.
Well Meant Mindless Words, Over Silence in presence.

Only Bereaved, no one else endure pangs of absence.
Regrets, Remembrance, part of penance.

Learning not to ask, “Why Me”, Courage to Cope.
Above & Beyond Sadness, Grail of Prayer in hope.

Consciousness of Detachment in Attachment: The mortal test.
Emotions of Belongingness, Love at its temporal best.

Gift of Being Human, Awareness to accept Death.
Life fully lived between First and Last Breath.

Cycles of Ups and Downs, Living’s Common Flow.
Alone but never Lonely. Each carrying on, as they go.

Realities of Mortality mellowed. Immortal thoughts bestow.
Family and friends, Candle of Hope aglow.


For Parents and Spouses who live through it all with Courage

All photos downloaded from the Google web

The Gallery of Images is a recap on the acceptance of the Inevitable and the Courage of inner strength of Humans to Carry on as they ought to.

rinavenkat@gmail.com – barrytones.wordpress.com

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