What we are? What We Can Be? What We Want to Be? Pragmatic Personal Professional Pathways -Mindfulness of Our Growth

A Parable

God and The Emperor

Emperor Deva Raya the current Ruler of Vijayanagar Kingdom was devout and just.

He continued to uphold holy traditions and customs of his ancestors.

He was also hailed as the Lord Protector of his people and enjoyed.

 Devotion and Loyalty of his subjects.

His Son Adi Deva Raya was also being groomed to be a befitting successor.

One night during his Prayers, The Emperor sensed the Presence of God who whispered in his ears that his mortal time was soon going to End and in his next cycle he would be born as a Pig according to his Karmic records.

God also told him that because of his very pious Upbringing his son would be able to find him and tend to him.

That night Emperor Deva Raya spent a Sleepless night wondering how he was going to Cope with life as a pig.

Could he cope with their unhygienic ways and live in the dirt?

Next day he called his son and shared his apprehensions.

Prince Adi Deva Raya assured him that he would fetch him back to the Palace and ensure his comfort and safety.

Soon Emperor Deva Raya Passed away. 

The New Emperor Adi Deva Raya sent his Soldiers in all directions to search for his Late Father.

After a few months God Appeared in the Adi Deva Raya’s Dream and shared the location of his Father.

Immediately Adi Deva Raya left with a small army and located the dirty pig stye where there were pigs of all shapes and sizes rolling in the gutter and the smelly ground. 

They seemed Oblivious of others and appeared docile and content. 

Adi Deva Raya stepped forward and kept staring at the pigs. His army was quite puzzled as to what their Ruler was doing out there.

Suddenly one Piglet came close to the Emperor’s Horse. The Guards were told to move back.

They were treated to a strange sight of their Ruler kneeling on the Ground appearing to whisper and making signs. 

Suddenly they saw their Emperor patting the Piglet’s Head.

Soon after the emperor mounted his horse and the small entourage set course back to the Palace.

What had happened was not a mystery but a message from the Late King that his misgivings about a pigs Life was all wrong.

Pigs enjoy themselves best in their environment and were satisfied with their lot in life

The moral of the story

There are laws of Natural Living and habitats for all creations including Humans who have divine gifts of “Thought and Choices to Choose their Way of Life.

Therein comes the necessity for People to learn from Animals the Art of adjusting and coping with their circumstances.

 Our Brain and Mind are wired to become aware of the above. This is the inborn Wisdom resident in each of us

We have to Learn “Acceptance of Life as it is and constantly strive to fulfill our Needs and then look at our wants.

Our Way of Living can be journey of constant improvement.

The carousel of Slides must be observed and studied in context of our “NOW” Needs over Wants.

This is the Pilgrimage of our Aspiration in Fulfillment of our Humanness.

Inner Reflection on:

What we are?

What we can be?

What we want to be? – is the starting point in our Pilgrimage.

The Carousel of Slides is a broad ready reckoner for the Above

May Grace of Divinity Bless and Guide us

Happy viewing 




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