I am not my Mind, My Mind not Me, Revelations to learn.
Wastefulness of Rage in Anger & Hate. Bad thoughts to Burn.

Drag my Feet or Walk, Run or Flee, Face or Fear: what I  do or think!
Many Asks and Answers within, Why can’t I be my Own Shrink?

Humanness of Reach and Touch in Prayer and hope to heal.
Moments of Cheer Fun and Laughter to Peal.

Awaken the Sage within, to  the Call of the Divine.
Fullness of our Being, Nothing is Ours, Yours or Mine.

The Weave of our Think, Wellness of Brain & Heart

Rhythm of the beat, the Pulse of the Feel, The Creator’s Art!

Moments of Sorrow, Hope for Tomorrows, now of today,

The Universe of Reality, Infinity of Nature’s Way.

Flesh and Blood “Souls” Freedom of choice & chance

Earth of the World a better place, Beauty of Music, Song and Dance

Mortal time, Immortal thoughts, in marketplace can’t be bought
The Joy of Being, the Art of Living, Act of Forgiving, freely sought.

Inevitable be Death of the Breath, Invaluable the Time Alive in Life.
Our Journey a Pilgrimage, Above & Beyond Joy or Strife.

Wastefulness of Rage in Anger, Hate. Bad thoughts to Burn.
I am not my Mind, My Mind not Me, Revelations to learn. 

                                                                                    Barry bharathan

Thoughts after watching our Granddaughter in serene slumber

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