The Writing on the Wall

The Writing on The Wall

The Writing on the Wall, Clear by Day, or Night.
Not to Climb, Sloping Towards! The Insight!

Adam and Eve, Temptations of the Apple, and Serpent.
Egos up on Discount Sales. No one to repent.

Courtesy Mary Ann Picture Collection from the Web

Peoples Fights, Wars of Words. Battles of Swords.
Over Land and Seas, Blood flows across Mountains into Fjords.

Vanities of Pride. Vainness of Minds, Venom of Mortals.
Angels and Devils. Lock down of Hell and Heaven Portals.

Sorrows of Anguish, Cries and Tears of Mother Earth.
Deaf and Blind. Humanity of Wisdom in Dearth

The Potter’s Wheel broken, the Potter so distraught.
Divinity in Disarray between ” Good & Evil” caught.

Nature’s Creations, All Creatures borne of Miracle Power.
Mere Matter in Life or Death. Every moment of each hour.

Choices and Chances. Wisdom at the Holy Gate.
Faith and Fate. Prayer and hope fresh to create.

The Potter kneads the Clay. The Wheel comes to Life.
The Dance of Believers in Flute and Fife.

The lines We Write, are Thoughts we Think and Store.
I am but a figment of your imagination. Ephemeral in Core.

You are You. I am I. We differ to Unite.
Oxymoronic. Yet Spark of the Spirit to Ignite.

Candles of Humanness, the Call of the Sublime.
 Common Sense, coddling out of Grit and Grime.

Why, When, What, for Whom, How to Write
Who are we to Say, Others are Wrong or Right?

A point of View, Time  Space and place for ‘Who & Who’
Answers to Questions, Questions to Answer by I  and You?

Are there better ways than *Thoughts* like this?
Writers and Poets. Debates are on What is Sorrow, Joy or Bliss!

Writings on the Wall, Clear by Day, or Night
Not to Climb, Sloping Towards! The Insight! 

On a Cold December – Ramble of thoughts

“Wisdom so Close at Hand- Knowledge on finger tips.

Information readily, easily available. Yet Understanding of Realities So Far Away.

Leadership Sees, but does not Look! Hears but not Listens! Speaks but Appears Dumb

barry bharathan

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