“Fullness of Living”

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Wellness of Being complements Fullness of Living or vice – versa!

“Fullness of Living”


“Freedom- Experience-Energy-Devotion”

Nurture- Nourish “Our Spirit- Mind- Thought- Body

Garba Griha- (Sanctum Sanctorum) of Humanness

Garba Griha – Sanctum Sanctorum – Consciousness in Contemplation Conception, Creation, Continuum of Fullness of Living barry

To be born a healthy Human is an ordained divine gift.

Grace of Divinity, gifts each Woman – Man, the ‘AURA of Humanness

“Awareness- Understanding – Realization – Aspiration” (AURA).

Humanness of Living is Awareness in realization, alongside Aspirational Approach for our Self, Family, Friends and Society!

Awareness – Understanding Realities is the Start point of our exploration.

Realization is our Role and Responsibilities of our participation in this exploration

Aspiration needs us to look after our needs first and strive towards taking care of our wants.{ https://barina.in/2021/10/05/what-we-are-what-we-can-be-what-we-want-to-be-pragmatic-personal-professional-pathways-mindfulness-of-our-growth/

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Circle of Life below is a depiction of what Humanness is all about in the Fullness of Life

Earthy Realities

“Humans live anywhere between 26, 000 to 30,000 days i.e., 70 to 85 years.

One fourth/fifth/sixth of this is Sleep, not to speak of the other understandable time wastages!
The First “9000” days are growing up, groomed and subconsciously conditioned: Home, Family, Friends, Environs, Technology Media, Expectations, Comparisons with those who we think are better than us.

The Next “18000 to 19000” days are on work- career, domesticity, Challenges- Opportunities, Parenting, Caring for Parents/elders, illness and the humdrum activities of dealing with daily ‘Ups & Downs’.

This is the Golden Period of Humanness. It teaches humans that ‘Life is invaluable while death is inevitable” 

The Last “3000” days are salvation and getting ready in Spirit, Mind and thought to await our last breath! Contemplative Reflection in Gratitude & Self-Respect.

The Days in our Living lets us know that there are infinite opportunities in this finite time.

Horizons of Humanness, Heights of Imagination, Depths of Intelligence, the Width of Human “reach & touch” are on display across the span and spectrum of Discoveries, Inventions, Planetary Explorations, Medicine, Science and Technology frontiers.

Aurora Borealis from Space
Astronauts on Moon and the Earth


Humanness is our Strengths, Weaknesses, Capabilities, Vulnerabilities in our day to day living.

Ambivalence and Perceptions on “Aspiration – Ambition: “Fulfillment- Success”

Our Persona! and how it comes into Play with all other Humans with whom we are close at home and at Work.

“Contentment – Craving” and its effect on our Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviour, Actions.

Realization that Humans have to be “Sensibly Selfish to become Strong to able to be Sublimely Selfless to “Serve’ others.

barry bharathan

The Art & Science of Learning to laugh at ourselves, enjoying our small wins, enduring tough times, in awareness that Laughter is medicine, forgiving our self and others is therapy.

Our Self Respect, and Sense of Gratitude is directly proportional to the value and worth of belonging to our Self.

The Ultimate Humanness Question, we need to Ask of our Self:

“Are we “Alive, Living Alive” or Walking Dead”?

In most cases, there is awareness, but without the conscious urge to change within, towards cognition of realities. Only then readers like you can understand the subtleties of “Alive to Live Alive” or “Live while ‘Walking’ Dead”     

This then leads us to explore the Conscious Dimensions of our “FEED:


 Freedom मुक्ति.

 Expertise- Experience (Process) युक्ति 

 Energy   शक्ति 

 Devotion भक्ति 

The Caption above is the rationale of reasoning below in context of today’s Life style.
It is simple doable.


Freedom (Mukthi) is in effect learning to be Our Self in Manner born.

Learning to be What we really are is an Art and Science of our Living.

Relishing and enjoying being ourselves is within our Devotion, Energy, Expertise, alongside the freedom we have. This is much easier achievable than wanting to be someone else.

Freedom in being ourselves is honing our humanness.

This Freedom is the foundation for our Selves to Nurture- Nourish “Our Spirit- Mind- Thought- Body.

Expertise in Experience.

Humanness of Living is Expertise (Yukthi). The latter is a Process of Discipline in growth development of humans.

Practical application of ‘Expertise’ implies planning and doing something according to one’s ability and area of expertise.

Its effective utilization depends on person to person as an essence of Presence.

This much needed expertise in our experience is the wisdom of living and the engine of focus of our Energy.

Our sub conscious and conscious awareness is exploring our potential expertise and experience toward empowering our Freedom towards being, who we are and who we want to be!


Energy (Shakthi) is Primal as well as the driver of our Life in day to day Living. It is the Engine of our Sustenance in Spiritual, Intellectual, Mental, and Physical dimensions.

Energy is manifestation of Our Fitness in Health to Live ‘Alive’!

Energy is awareness of the breath we breathe. Learning to slow down our breathing in awareness of its benefits is the catalytic converter that keeps us energetic and enthusiastic in our day to day living.

Energy is the bridge between Freedom, Expertise and Devotion


Devotion (Bhakthi) is Belonginess to the Self, Family, Friends, Career and Society on our acceptable terms.

Belonging to Our “Self” is enabling, empowering, enriching our Spirit, Mind, Thought in Meaningful Mindfulness in Gratitude and Self Respect of our Humanness.

Devotion to the Self in the ultimate, is preparation of our Mind and Heart to face “Ups & Downs of ‘Needs over Wants whilst learning to balance our desires without toxicity of Obsession!


Freedom – Expertise – Energy – Devotion are mutually enriching. One feeds of the other. This the philosophy of Self Actualization.

Guide to Self Actualization

‘FEED’ is cyclical. Focus on one connects to the others.

In effect this is the SELF start that defines us in our Pilgrimage towards ‘Fullness of Living.

Our “AURA” absorbs conscious awareness of our Space, Pace, Time.

There is equanimity of our approach in managing our relationship with our “SELF, People, Things, Experiences and Time.

This is the Circle of Humanness

Our Humanness is a reflection of our Gratitude and Self Respect


Fullness of Living in Wellness of Being prepares us to follow the signposts that the human must perforce face in his/her journey.

Concept of Signposts and Wait Stations in our Pilgrimage of Humanness follows



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