Wealth of Health

Dear Humans,
“To be born a human is the Grace of Divinity
To be a Healthy Human is a miracle.
To Belong to a family in Love, Affection, Security of Living, Education, Career, Economic wellness of being, enjoying Goodness of Living in humanness is an Ordained Gift by the unseen, unknown higher Power    
Understanding the concept “Wealth of Health is essential.
Our Health defines and determines the Quality of our Life:
The ‘Breath we breathe’ and its quality is dependent on Health.
Everything we think, do, feel, act, perform at home, work, in society is dependent on our Health in Fitness & Energy.
 “Our health is the source of our “Spirit -Vitality, Energy” and Enthusiasm.
Constituents of Good Health
First, we have our physical health. It calls for discipline of exercises, moderation in habits and being conscious of our Lifestyle.
Next would be our Mental Health, which impacts feelings and way of handling situations. Herein our Gratitude comes into play.

Understanding the concept of “Responsibility as shown below enables Gratitude and empowers Self Respect. These two are catalytic converters for Joyousness, laughter, and equanimity in facing ‘Ups & Downs of Daily Living.

This is the starting point of Self-care.

Self- Care is nurturing and nourishing our Spirit Mind Body. Wealth of Health gives us “Wisdom of Commonsense’ to deal with dimensions of Wellness.

Wealth of Health is the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness and mental stability.
Let us remember that Life is invaluable even when death is inevitable. The evolution of Humanity, Humanness in Quality-of-Life changes, Technology inventions, continuous innovation, constant discoveries all emanate from Wealth of Health.
Let us be what we can truly be in our Wealth of Health.

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2 thoughts on “Wealth of Health

  1. Excellent article. During corona times it was again proved that the health is wealth and our economies depend on our health


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