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Grace of Divinity is a evolutionary “Gift’ to Humankind. This Gift is in effect a revelation that as People: our Life is Invaluable even if Death is Inevitable!

There are scriptures, ancient, Modern, Scientific, Philosophy, Psychology treatises, that show case that ‘Homo Sapiens” have a choice to absorb or reject to accept “What is” or Expect “What is Not”

This ‘What is’ scrawl uses ‘mnemonics’ to showcase potential possibilities for Human Beings to find “Fulfillment- Aspiration-Contentment- Thoughtfulness” (FACT) as a way of Life?

Why Mnemonics

Use of Mnemonics/Acronyms is a way to help Humans to Learn, focus on Humanness. This is very relevant in todays “Technology” centric high velocity.

“One Hopes Technology does not rob People, of Humanity” *Albert Einstein*

Mnemonics/Acronyms are fun, easy to learn and use, and cost nothing to Learn and everything to help us remember better. it could enhance learning, retention, and retrieval of the steps in correct order.

In more ways than one, these are memory tools to keep important information from slipping through human fingers!

A sampler “The sentence ‘Never Eat Sour Watermelon’ can help Mariners, remember the directions on a compass: North, East, South, West. Teach trainees to start at the top of the compass and say the silly sentence as they label the directional points in a clockwise fashion.

NEWS is yet another acronym to remember North East West South!











“WHAT IS” is a question that Human being, can and should ask in their Life’s journey. “What is” Questions shared here are also Mnemonic/Acronyms tools towards inner reflection.

This Indian Navy veteran submits that this process of ‘Inner reflection’ has helped him tide over challenges, many a time.

There was also discovery that inner reflection led to a path of mindfulness in “introspection” with greater respect for the self and gratitude for the many opportune moments, given by ‘Grace of Divinity’

‘WHAT’ — Wisdom- Holistic: Aspirational Thoughtfulness:

IS: Inclusive Synergy for the Self and with others.

WHAT IS calls for Humanness of Wisdom in Reasoning, Holistic Mindfulness in ‘Ups & Downs’ of Living, Aspirations towards fulfilment, contentment which encompass Ambition and Success.

‘WHAT IS” tutors, Thoughtfulness in acceptance that ‘Perfection is a myth and Perseverance is Promise’

IS: Highlights ‘Inclusiveness Synergy’- Inclusiveness is partnership and Synergy is Understanding. It is sacred and relevant at “Home- Work Place- Society”. Its absence is the cause of misperceptions, tensions, conflict in relationships: Domestic, Office, Local, Regional, National, Global Levels.

ISHA Foundation

Here Goes WHAT IS:

LIFE — Living in Fitness Equity

“Living in Fitness Equity” is understandingWhat is the mind body and spirit connection?

The main concept behind the mind-body-spirit connection is that we are all more than just our thoughts. We are also our bodies, our emotions, and our spirituality … all these things combine to give us identity, determine our health, and make us who we are.


Human life is finite to about 28,000/30,000 days with infinite opportunity. Our golden years are between 25 to 70 and about 16500 days. There are infinite opportunities for growth and development in finite time. It only calls for equity of Spirit, Mind & Body

Money is essential to meet your sustenance and not your existence. It is different for each human!. One must have money not to need money is an important thought to be preserved. Money cannot make you happy but without it you cannot be happy as it governs your Living in Fitness Equity.

Our Thoughts, Feelings, Behavior play a singular vital, essential role in striving to maintain Living in Fitness Equity.

The Following Blogs are relevant to LIFE!




‘The Breath we breathe, The Life we Live, the Love we give, our learning to forgive, our Will and determination to Live in “Wellness of Being” alongside “Fullness of Living” is anchored on our Heartbeat.





Approach to Living,

Raising our self to do the many small things we ignore and invite tension

Temperament to become aware that:

“Hope’ is the biggest and freest gift we need to give our self.

Our Energy is the source of Hope.

Our Approach to the way we choose to ‘Live’ provides Energy.

Raising our Self to do the small things in disciplined determination is the anchor of our ‘Approach’ to living!


Belonging to our Self is Self Respect in gratitude for being born a human.

Enthusiasm is the Engine of our living and the source of our Energy.

Attitude defines our Enthusiasm, especially during our Down days.

Teaming with our Self is the catalytic converter to team with others.

Most of us never think of or even listen to our ‘Heartbeat’. This perhaps is our subconscious, unawareness of taking ‘Life’ for Granted!

The Mnemonic of Heart Beat is a useful tool that impacts our Thoughts, Feelings, Behavior, Emotions & Actions therein.

Conscious Awareness of our Heartbeat is an “aide-memoir” towards tutoring our Self in acceptance of ‘What Is”



Love is the principle which creates and sustains human relations with dignity and depth. Love means I can be kind, caring and understanding. Love is the basis for a belief in equality and goodwill toward all.

LOVE could also be:

Learning from each Other

Organized to our needs in mindfulness of others

Valuing Everything we think and do!

Empathy in essence with our Self and others

The Mnemonics of “LOVE” reflected in the image below is universal in its interpretation and application at Home, Work, Society, and Geo Politics!

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Learning, Leading, Laughing, Letting Go.

Understanding others, Usefulness of Self, Utilizing Skills in Unity of Approach.

Competence, Confidence, Communication, Compassion, Connectivity with Self and Others

Knowledge, Keenness, Kindness, Kindred Spirits.

“LOVE & LUCK” are processes towards Self Improvement in our Approach and Attitude to our LIFE.







Leadership as an “IDEA” is the instinctive belief that: An ‘IDEA works better on the philosophy *You be You, I be me, ‘WE’ be ‘US’*

Relevant Blog : Venkat Bharathan: https://barina.in/2020/11/20/leadership-as-an-idea/


From the Web
From the Web


Wisdom to Understand what the Work Place Stands for.

Orientation of self as ‘Calling’ than as a Career!

Rationalization of Skills into Productive Performance.

Knowing the What, Why, How, Ways: Means of working in Wellness of being.

Reference Blog Venkat Bharathan: https://barina.in/2020/06/27/ways-at-work/


From The Web
From the Web

Failure is part and parcel of Life. the Iceberg illusion is relevant to the Mnemonic “FAIL”



P — Pledge to be Better than What We Are
R- Reinforcing Our Self in Gratitude and Self Respect
A- Aspiration towards Self fulfillment along with Our Family & Friends
Y — Yearning to be Youthful in Spirit Mind Thought.
E- Energetic in Experiencing our Joy of Being in Humanness
R- Rejuvenation through Refreshing Our Self as often to Rise above our Ordinariness.
S — Subliminal Selflessness to Serve others: In ‘Wisdom of Sensible Selfishness to become Strong, Able, Capable!


Gathering Our Self in the Palm of hope.

Prayer for Courage to Cope.

Wellness of Being in Will of Mind.

Humanness, Understood & refined.

Grace of Divinity guides us Always.

Life gifts us Means and Ways.

Needs over Wants, ‘NOW’ to be sought.

To accept “What Is” in Mind and Thought.

May our days be well spent; in fullness kept.

Nights be restful and peacefully slept.

To cherish the treasure of my mortal time

Heartbeat to the Last breath in rhythm & rhyme-

‘barry’ bharathan


What is ‘Laughter’:

Letting Go of Regrets of the past,

Alignment with realities of imperfections and seek improvement

Understanding facts and carried way by perceptions

Graciousness of humanness

Hope is mindfulness in Hope & Prayers

Thoughtfulness for Self and others

Enjoying Being Our Self

Realization of the Value of humanness in fun towards lightheartedness


Every day that we are given is a gift that should be enjoyed and endured in ‘cognition’ that Humans are the only species who can exercise ‘CHOICE’ in whatever happens to them.

Choice is also a Chance to take with the wisdom of knowing what is right or wrong for us!

Herein comes the aspect of ‘Awareness’ of “WHAT IS” in shaping our Thoughts, Feelings, Behavior, Emotions, Actions, Decisions for living in “Wellness of Being” alongside “Fullness of Living”

The Mnemonics of:








Are a Check list for Inner reflection, Processing within, Practicing towards making it a habit. Our Daily Living could be Keeping it Simple, Straight — KISS philosophy. There would be revelation and discovery within that our Humanness is understanding:

Aspiration encompasses Ambition and not the other way round

Fulfillment is contentment greater than ‘Success’

Focus on ‘Efforts’ is wholeness of Approach than centricity of Results that could lead to incompleteness in unwitting omissions!

Value of Reasoning without passion, with passion for reason!

The Infinite opportunities given to humans even in their finite mortal time.

We owe this to our Self till our Last breath to be conscious of our ‘WHAT IS’ in


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