Leadership as an “IDEA”?

Leadership as an “IDEA”?

By Vice Admiral “Barry’ Bharathan Indian Navy (Retired)


Leadership is a privilege, gifted to us, to inspire others to become what they can and want to be.

In essence, it is an “IDEA” – Inclusive- Directional- Empathy- Awareness.

Leaders know that when people feel included, they are given a sense of what to do. It germinates team confidence, generating a sense of reason, order, purpose, and productivity.  

It is a natural progression from the Leader’s IDEA of Inspiration- Determination- Empowerment and Alignment to his Vision. 

This too emanates from the Leader’s own- Introspection- Deliberation- Examination and Approach.

Sound leadership is a call to the mind to seek for answers within.

The next step is to plan, prepare a mission which entails deliberation. Validating its purpose, practicality, and value is the Examination process.

Once this is complete, the Approach needed is conceptualized. Action on the ground begins through ‘Inspiration- Determination- Empowerment and Alignment of his team.

Team Alignment is the sum and substance of Inclusiveness, with Direction, Empathy and Awareness.

By connotation, every word, in “IDEA” is intended to spread a sense of synergy in belongingness for productive, timely performance. 


This is ‘Team Spirit’ built upon the functioning tenet of “All for Each and Each for All”. It is embroidered in the Vision and mission of the Organization on a weave of wisdom and knowledge of what would work and what would not! 


Leadership in essence, is never absolute but always circumstantial, flexible, and aligned to the Goals, Objectives and Tasks emanating out of the Vision and Mission.

Today’s effective leader must know when to lead, plead and deal, ensconced in ‘ETHICS’ for maintaining, sustaining, and nurturing “Growth” of both entity and individual.

This is the underlying and overarching philosophy of the Leadership IDEA as the first order principle of Servant Leadership to lead from the front while enabling his/her team to be ahead of the Corporate Career Curve of competence, capability and competition. 


IDEA of leadership has “Vital, Essential Aspects” to the paradigm of Organizational effectiveness in operational, administrative, and People ‘Wellness’ processes.

The ‘Vital & Essential include:

24X7 Situational Awareness on environs inside and outside the establishment/company that would have a direct impact on its “PROSPECTS”.

 On the ground, it calls for a robust continuously updated Management information and communication system that is both ‘Hot & Hard’ wired to be ‘MACRO/MICRO’ AWARE as part of the work culture.

Decision dynamics of the Organization as seen from within and outside is always the key factor. 

The outcome of these decisions decides and drives the ‘Brand Name Reputation’ that is to be earned, retained, nourished, and cherished by one and all.

It also has a direct collateral connect to “Creation of Wealth” across the span and spectrum of Professional/ Technological/Administrative capabilities, cohesive, coherent “Team Spirit and “MONIES”.

Productivity of performance of people across all echelons of the entity. This is the litmus test indicators of morale, motivation above and beyond professional skill and competence.


Happiness Quotient of the People in context of ‘Spiritual- Mental- Physical” Energy and wellness of the team as a leadership practice with an ever-watchful eye on trends of errant/stressful behavior.


The high velocity of modern day living, rising expectations, information overload, electronic/ social media inundation makes it necessary for organizations to take this up also as a Corporate Social responsibility within. Hence the humane concept of IPR need to be also interpreted and understood as “Interpersonal Relationship” This IPR needs to be reconciled with the Royalty IPR aspect of Intellectual Property Right!  

“LOVE” as a Leadership Idea 🙂

LOVE at work and even in the Social World has a deeper, rational interpretation that needs to be understood, accepted, and absorbed by all women and men at home, at work and in society. “LOVE” is:

Learning from each other

Organizing well for our needs

Valuing everything, we think and do, big or small. 

Empathy in essence as part of our Living


Inclusiveness is the first order of Leadership.

Inclusiveness is the key to Interpersonal Relationship. 

Direction in Vision and Mission is an intrinsic facet of Leadership

Empathy in Purpose- Order- Discipline of performance in synergy with the team is a constant imperative of leadership. It conveys respect in recognition of each one’s value in the team, irrespective of where they are and what they do. 

Awareness of the situation, the quality of the work force, the adherence to laid down systemic processes, the level of productivity and the brand reputation is inherent in the leadership continuum.

Leadership IDEA is manifest in a successful Company and its Leaders  


*Inclusiveness is key. It has be based on the Principle of “Mastering Technology and Understanding People*

Direction is the Drive towards Understanding.

Empathy is the elixir of togetherness

*Awareness is the Holistic wholesome essential for Growth in unity of Approach*

Each of the above, enables, encourages empowers the “IDEA” in

towards the

Leadership IDEA in Wellness  of our Being - Last but the First.

The Velocity of Our Living, Invasive Electronic dominance, It’s information overload, the over all impact on our Mental Health compounded by COVID Pandemic calls for its Priority attention in the ambit of the Leadership IDEA. In itself this is an Adverse situation, with debilitating consequences.

Companies need to invest in setting up, Formalized professional Counseling arrangements, along with Organizational infrastructural essentials to cope with: Loss of Loved Ones. Pressure of Work. Turbulence within the work force. Mental Stress. Fiscal needs. Retention and Attrition. Morale and Motivation.

Hence *Centricity* of focus on Mental Health Care is an imperative. Leaders Managers need to create therapeutic processes to drive away the Sense of Helpless fragility in Domestic, Workplace and Societal environs.

Sensitivity towards this special need is the Catalytic converter to sustain and empower, Collective/ Individual Growth and Development.

Summation. Leadership as an “IDEA” is the instinctive belief that:
“Faith is Knowledge within the Heart, beyond logic of reason”

Top Down Humanness to ensure  Bottom Up Resonance is the Clarion Call of  today for Work from Home or Work in Office.

This is the constancy in Leadership as an IDEA

Note. This article has been updated to discuss critical essential aspect of Mindfullness in Mental Health and Collateral essentials. I thank Ms Sandhya Suri ( HR Doyen) who highlighted the need for Leadership as an IDEA to include this vital and much needed aspect. I and readers of this blog convey our whole hearted gratitude and appreciation to her. Thank you Maam. God Bless your Ilk. Warmly, barry

Review Critique feed back requested on my mail: rinavenkat@gmail.com

God Bless

Warmly Barry Bharathan 

2 thoughts on “Leadership as an “IDEA”?

  1. Very well expressed Barry sir, great use of acronyms to redefine frameworks for concepts like leadership as in “idea” that a reader can easily reflect upon and embibe


  2. Very nicely put together in your inimitable style, Sir! Incisive insights into leadership, sorely needed and even more these days.

    Remember your little booklets as FOST and your talk at CDM. Evergreen in memory.

    Warmest regards

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