Humanness “Together or Alone”

*Humanness* “Together or Alone”

Family & Friends, Gathering of People a Providential Perk!
Synergy of Approach, Together or Alone, at home or work.

The Breath we Breathe, the Life We Live. The Love we Give.
Ourselves and Others. In us the Choice to Forgive.

In Hearts and Minds, never about right or Wrong.
Each For All, All for Each, the bond to be strong

Humans, the Language of Love to Learn.
The weave of Wisdom, wanton habits to burn

The Joy of Being, the Gift of the Divine, Grace of Gratitude.
Emotions & Feelings, Largesse of  Attitude.

The Grit of the Spirit, the Will of the Mind, Ponder in Pause.
Intent in Purpose, Vision of  Value,  the Sacred  Cause.

Fortitude of the Flock, the Potter’s Wheel, round the clock,
The Maker ordains, meld of Mindfulness in stock.

The Wealth of togetherness, Value Sublime.
Empathy of Energy. Humanness bells Chime.

The Life, we seek,  Truths we Behold.
Can do Spirit of Will, further than told.

Humans we hug, in Joy or Sorrow to weep.
The tears we shed, pearls of Memory, to keep.

Gladness or Sadness, live Alive in Rhythm’s Rhyme.
Remembrances, cherish the time spent, ere the end of time.

Life’s  Journey, a Pilgrimage of Promise Shine and Shone.
Lamp of Unity always lit, Together or Alone. 


Mortal Awareness- Value of Humanness -Immortal Thoughts Precious Memories

Death Inevitable- Life & Living Invaluable- Make the World a Better Place

Grace of Divinity, Guiding us All.

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