Immortal Musings

Immortal musings in mortal moments, Thoughtful Treasures.
Mantras of Mindfulness in meditative measures.

Immensities to Behold, Consciousness unfolds.
Power of the Mystic, Enigma of the Fold!

Spirituality  in transcendence. 
Creator sensed in Veneration of absence. 

Wonders of Space, Air, Wind Water, Fire, never cease!
The Magic  of mountains, flowing into seas.

Mother Earth where Nature began
Galaxies of Planets & Stars in Limitless  Span

Grace of Divinity,  being Human
Creation of  Man & Woman.

Effervescence of Existence  Embroidery in Art
The Language of words, Poetry of the Heart.

Ethereal minds of Angels  in song & dance.
Moments of peace in sublime Trance.

Gladness, Sadness of Faith and  Fate.
Churn of Feelings, Prayers in Spate.

The Joy of Being, Healings in sacred breath., The Pilgrim’s destiny, deified in death.

‘Live Alive’ in Rhythm and Rhyme.
Celebrating  till end of time. 


Rina- Barry Bharathan Celebrate Life & Living in Gratitude and Self Respect

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